What creative ways have you used your iPhone or iPad?

Some ideas that have been done with the iPhone and iPad:

  1. Launch an iPhone Into Space
  2. Perform Live on New York Subway with your iPhone Rock Band
  3. Remotely Control a Car With an iPad
  4. Accept Credit Card Payments on iPhone & iPad
  5. Scan Barcodes with your iPhone


I love these! Can’t wait to see what is developed in the near future!

Do you like the idea of the Remote Controlled Car?

What creative ways have you used your iPhone or iPad?

[FONT=“Georgia”]If you threw it at a rabbit, you could catch prey.


I used mine as a paperweight the other day. It was windy outside and I needed to put some bits of paper down and stop them blowing away :slight_smile:

This is the most creative thing I have seen done with the iPad:

As for me, I painted this with my finger.

Well, how about that… they’ve made what I’m talking about above… AR Drone http://mashable.com/2010/10/22/drone-video-review/

I do. I really like the idea of a remote controlled car, with a camera that feeds the iphone screen, so I can have a view from the driver’s seat. Even better - the same thing, but with a plane/helicopter.

Imagine being able to fly my iCopter, sitting at my office desk, and watch everything from a bird’s eye… awesome!

[FONT=“Georgia”]What about door-stopper, or levelling that shakey table leg?


I helped create a web site / app that worked as a mobile coupon tool, to save people cash in the recession. But that’s not all sexy… so I’ve been thinking of making a relatively useless app called iEye, which would allow an iPhone user to “look up from their iPhone, without looking away from it” by showing nothing but the video stream from the built-in cam… :wink:

One of the coolest and most creative recent apps for the iPhone, as I think you mentioned above, is Square (the mobile credit card processing app/device). Another cool one is the metal detector app, though that’s not game changing…

iphone for me all is there anything you put is everything is there.

hheheeh I liked this one.

Obviously there are many games on the iphone that one can spend much time playing with.

I love my Iphone and use it for listening to songs, watching movies, games plus texting and calling too

that is funny, mine is replacing the broken leg on my computer case