What conversion rate is attractive to affiliates?(based on $100 commission)

Just trying to get an idea of what type of conversion rate an info product I’m creating would have to get in order to attract a legion of affiliates. It’s a Spanish language product, which obviously in my opinion will be very good for the money.

The vertical is competitive though. Just curious what some affiliate marketers on here think. Commission to affiliates would be right around $100 give or take $15 bucks.(based on 50% commission, depends on what price point converts best).

50 percent commission is extremely high. Most affiliate programmes pay between 5 and 15 percent, although a few do go higher.

But, if I was a prospective affiliate, I’d be more interested in how attractive the product was to my target audience. I’d need to decide that before I could estimate the click-through and conversion rates.


Hmmm, ok. I guess I thought 50% was about right to cover ads, effort etc. Makes sense the product would have to fit the affiliates audience but I’m curious if
say it’s a 1% conversion rate if that’s awful and you’ll never get any affiliates or if it’s a 4% conversion rate if that’s amazing.

I know there’s a myriad of factors here just curious what some affiliates on here would say shooting from the hip.

I really don’t think it’s very useful to plan in terms of conversion rates. Your conversion rate will depend on the prospects your affiliates send you, the information they already have about your product, their general expectations, and other factors. You have no control over those factors. So you can’t in turn tell the affiliates what the conversions rates for their referees is likely to be.

For what it’s worth, my conversion rates at Amazon are generally between three and ten percent, but sometimes as high as 20 percent. But Amazon has a vast range of merchandise, and if the prospect decides not to buy the referred product, there’s a fair chance they’ll buy another. Also, they offer some very sophisticated linking methods, which in turn increase the chance of a sale.

I think what I’m saying is that there is no realistic information about conversion rates or likely earnings you can safely give your affiliates at this stage. But, then again, I don’t think the prospective affiliates would expect you to do that. Concentrate on making your sign-up process as easy as possible, and with luck you’ll start to attract a good number of affiliates.