What CMS do you use?

There are so many options to choose from.

I can’t properly answer the poll since if I use any CMS at all, I use the one that is most appropriate for the project at hand. In the past, that has been for example Drupal, WordPress, among others, and frameworks such as Rails, CodeIgniter, Zend etc.

Every project is different. That’s why there are many options to choose from.

I’m half way through writing my own. It was the only workable way I found to learn php and its helped me a LOT!

Trying to learn php and then how to hack up and edit other CMS’s out there just wouldn’t of worked for me.

CMS’ I use?

Well, either custom apps for whatever site I’m working on, or the one in my signature :o

If this is going to result in more than just a poll, I think the original poster needs to be a bit more specific about what he/she needs or wants here, otherwise it will be difficult to discuss this and it will just turn into another pointless thread about what’s best.

I get the poll, sure. Now, are you trying to find a good CMS/framework to specialize in? Looking for something to use for a personal project, or a client project? Want to know which one is the best for learning, or which one is suitable for most projects?

If you’re just looking for information on what others use for their own work, I’m guessing there are threads to be found if you search.

For the last few years, I’ve been building sites with my own CMS. It works well and is easy to maintain and update. As I’ve started building bigger projects, it looks like it would be good to either use a framework or CMS like Drupal. These options seem like they would take a considerable time-investment to learn through and through. I’ve also gotten some pressure from some clients to use an open-source CMS. I’m curios what other developers are using. It seems like many non-programmers that are thrilled with the ability to add features by clicking a few buttons, but from my perspective, the process of meeting exacting demands can be equally or more time-consuming on Open source systems, even on relatively “simple” projects. So, aside from the debate, I’m trying to learn what are the most common practices.

i built my own cms.

i also like wordpress for its simplicity and ease of use.

Agreed. Customers tend to like existing/ open source cms’ because it means they can easily find other developers to continue work on the site should you become unavailable. Customers also tend to think that implementing an OS cms is quicker than building something from scratch - they’re generally right, too.

However, your comment about ‘exacting demands’ hits home. If clients have needs that aren’t covered by the functionality of the CMS, implementation becomes problematic at the least. At best the developer needs to learn how the CMS works, and then build a plugin/ module/ extension/ whatever to add the required functionality. At worst, it’s simply not doable without hacking the cms to bits and totally destroying any future upgrade paths.

I also find that existing plugins etc. often don’t do exactly what the client requires, which then costs a lot of time.

Common practices? I generally tend to tell my clients the truth: “What you want can be done, but it will take more time and it will cost more than you’re expecting.”

Usually that will scare potential clients away (and often it does), but once they’ve savoured the delights of the cheap ‘developer’ who promises the world for tuppence, they’ll come running back, ready to accept that you can’t run the new FaceBook on your average open source cms :slight_smile:

Joomla. Haven’t switched yet to 1.6. How easy is the upgrade?

ExpressionEngine is my favorite and that’s what I use on my site. But I also use Textpattern and WordPress a lot. They’re all very good.

I vote for the projects I made recently in php.
Custom cms with the use of an open source framework.
Generally I did not use open source cms as joomla or any yet and in some cases I did not use any framework.