What can Javascript be used for?

Hi, I have just recently learnt Javascript from a book, and although it has taught me the basics (creating alert boxes, prompting users for their name to provide personalised greeting messages etc) I don’t feel it has given me a feeling for Javascript.:frowning:

So my question to the designers who Javascript is what do you mainly use it for, I know it can be used for rollover images, but what are the ways in which you use it.

I ask the moderators is it possible for other members, if they want to, of this forum to post their own projects/websites not as a means of self promotion but as means to answer my question (I know there is a section on the rules and guidelines post on self-promotion)

Would be great to see some examples, or for people to give me some examples of what its used for most these days.

Thanks in advance:D

Sounds like the book covers the history of JavaScript the way it was back in the 20th Century.

JavaScript today doesn’t use alert boxes or prompts but can instead interact with the entire HTML and CSS of the web page. It is used for validating forms, creating animations, and writing web applications. Anything that doesn’t involve static web pages uses JavaScript.

JavaScript can also be used outside the web browser in lots of other places.

Well, I guess javascript falls into two broad categories. 1. Visual effects, slide down/up effects, fade in and out, etc. 2. Ajax. Ajax is often used to update part of a web page without reloading the whole web page and/or making web server requests in the background. Useful for web pages that provide live updates without having to hit the refresh button.

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Javascript is used in home automation system and robot too. I think it can do anything.

Are you referring to node.js? I just assumed that the OP was referring to client side web which is why I didn’t bring that up.

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Here’s an interesting article on JS beyond the browser: http://www.sitepoint.com/javascript-beyond-web/

Yes, I mean node.js. It can do the magic things.

JavaScript is used to restrict the wrong data with client side .Its also load your data from data base without reloading your page . for example if you want to load city list on your page from the database . Then it can only be possible through java script.

It certainly feels like it after reading your response, course was designed in 2008 I believe. Are there any really good websites for tutorials or recommend the best way to learn the new practices with Javascript?

Thanks in advance:)

  1. Never trust your validation to be done on the client side, it should be done server side. and
  2. Yes, you can use it for AJAX implementations

This is quite a good resource: http://eloquentjavascript.net/
As is this: https://learnable.com/books/jsjavascript1