What best Streatgy we Used in Seo?

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Please Tell Me what a Best Seo Streatgy we used in Seo and Most Important Point are in off Page Seo We follow ?

First of all do complete on page seo and focused on unique and informative content
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According to me first analyze your site, plan according to it. Select the keywords and settle all onpage issues then go for offpage work. Following this simple protocol will always help you with your SEO work.

You must consider the following SEO strategy:
SEO Copywriting
Link Management
Online Reputation Management
Social Media Management
Campaign Management

I think first you should make a list of onpage changes and fix all the issues. Create unique and quality content based on keyword research. Also, start with off page activities and but make sure you create quality work and build most niches specific and authoritative link.

Best SEO strategy to have more traffic is to have user friendly website and it must have on site seo friendly design.
In off page you can follow strategies like :-

  1. Creation of community in social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, link din and many more. Keep updating good quality content regularly.
  2. Forum submission and gust blogging is very effective technique.
  3. Try to increase reputation on good sites like stumble upon, pinterest etc. These are sites from where you can get relevant traffic.

Do offpage seo techniques like forum posting , link exchange, Article submission, squidoo submission, Blog comment on dofollow blogs . it will help you to rank high on google.

My SEO guy has been on about this stuff, I am also looking more into video and definitely moving away from excess link building and have calmed down on guest posting too. In fact, results from guest posts have been varied. Results from social media have improved a lot. The focus for best strategies going forward is content. I read about the hummingbird update, it seems content marketing and offering useful content not just selling is the way forward.

You should do comments on others blog and provide your backlink in it, build a social media fan page. Buy adword credit and facebook credit if you want to contribute some cash otherwise simply join HIGH PR website/blogs/forums and try to promote your site

These are the five best steps that i follow while doing SEO -

  1. Get quality links
  2. Google Authorship
  3. Set a Canonical URL
  4. Microdata and Schema
  5. Responsive Design

Most of the techniques mentioned work for me though only if targeted. I find less is more. 1 article in the right place.

“focus on the users and the rest will follow” this is my strategy and the most effective.

None of those things will help. Most forums, like this one, mark all external links as nofollow, specifically to discourage people from spamming the forums to get backlinks. Any backlinks which you can acquire easily, by posting them yourself in articles, blog comments, etc. will be regarded as pretty much worthless by the search engines. The valuable links are those you earn, by having excellent content which other sites want to link to.

You should also be wary of link exchange schemes, which may do you more harm than good. As Google says:

Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site or outgoing links from your site.
There is more information about linking on that page, which you should read.

Preeti Makkar: you might want to look at Google’s Starter Guide, which you can download from the link on this page.

A few best seo strategies are
Content optimization -fresh and quality content is important.
Guest posting
social signals
orginal keywords
Article submission
PR submission
Forum posting

Did you read my post above, explaining why practices such as forum posting are a waste of time in SEO? If you did, and you disagree with me, then please explain why, rather than just submitting another list with no details. What do you mean by social signals? Or original keywords? For your reply to be helpful to a beginner, you need to explain what you mean, not assume that they will know.

Please note: We don’t need any more lists of points with no explanations. If you would like to contribute to this thread, then please explain why you think your particular strategy is the best, and how to employ it to good effect. Any more lists with no details will be removed as fluff.