What are your SEO strategies in 2023?

I hope you all are doing well and making your life easier. So, the question is what are your SEO strategies in 2023? Should I have to create my business website? Will it rank in google? I heard the recent update of google that was killing and full of headache.

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Uhhh yeah, every business should have some sort of presence online to at least offer customers a place to go to find out contact information, business information, services and handle customer support requests.

Up to you. There are many sites that don’t rank on google, but a lot more that do. Where you sit on Google rankings is completely up to you and how you…

  1. Write your content and write it well
  2. Utilize tools like webmaster tools and other SEO tools offered by Google and companies
  3. Make sure your website is coded well and that is not full of filler

I am not sure what update you are referring to, but Google is always updating their algorithm and that usually shuffles a bit of what appears on the first page of results for given keywords. It is just the natural way of life on the net. That is why it is important to develop good content and not buy into the hype of companies who can “get you number 1” because just because you are number 1 now doesn’t mean you will be tomorrow. Good content will keep you at the top of the rankings.


“What are your SEO strategies in 2023?”
Same as they were in 2022. And 2021. And… keep going to at least 2000.
They havent changed.


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