What are the uses of a CMS?

Hi, I apologize if I ask this silly question. I am not so familiar with the CMS, I just want to ask what all we can do for using CMS ? is this only for blogging? or some company profile ?..

Thank you in advance

Not silly, just redundant. This question has been asked and answered mamy many many times here already.

Let me respond by asking
What have you used a CMS for before or currently?

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I tried to install WP before but I did not explore more on how to use it…I am wondering what I can do for using CMS…I just ended up editing some content on the home page by using the admin page.

Ah, well, using WordPress for a blog is its traditional use after all.
But taking a look at what plugins are available should give some insight about other possible uses.

Thank you for this link, maybe this will give me more idea.I will read this.


In short, a CMS makes it much easier to manage content. For example, if you want to add a new page to a site running on a CMS, you just go to an editor, type your content and save. That creates a new page for you, updates your menu, perhaps adds a short blurb about the new page on your home page with a link etc. etc. All of that stuff is very tedious to do manually.

Also, of course, a CMS is handy for clients who want to manage their own site but who can’t deal with code etc.

Some CMSs will be specialised for different types of content eg, Wordpress for a blog, Mediawiki for a wiki, phpbb for a forum, they can often be “bridged” so that the appear to the end user to be one. Some CMSs will “bridge” with some better then others. Whatever CMS you choose for your needs, make sure it’s kept up to date as well as any plugins that you might use.

I think the reason for CMS that I’ve seen most often is simply what the name says - content management. The organization, business, or person wants the ability to set up and run with their own website. In some cases, they want a custom site design but still want to be able to edit their own copy and things, so they hire a designer or developer to build or edit a CMS theme for them, and then the business personnel can freely edit their own copy, make minor adjustments, perhaps add deals or sales or update changing contact information.

A secondary reason, to me, would be the extendable nature of a CMS like WordPress. So many plugins, themes, etc have been written for it already that almost anything you could think of needing will be out there for free or relatively cheap. It makes the development of what might have been a complex website significantly more rapid, more modular, and easier for the owner of the site to manage themselves. And even if they have a developer managing their site(s) for them - it’s easier for us, most of the time, too!

How do I find out what CMS this website is using?

Normally you can just view the source of hte webpage and you should see identifying files (CSS, comments even) particular to each individual CMS. If you give us a link we can help you identify it.

It’s a new forum CMS called Discourse. We have just switched these forums from vBulletin to Discourse. :slight_smile: