What are the important hosting specs for this?

Assuming that the website pages are all optimised etc, what would be the hosting specs that would help as much as possible, for the pages to load as fast as possible.

Well, there are really only 4 parts to a server.

CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, and Hard Drive. And how much you use of each is entirely dependent on the application being hosted and how much traffic it gets. For the large portion of sites, 2 CPUs and 1gb RAM with a SSD and about 100mbps connection is more than enough. This is about standard minimal hosting for site with an average amount of traffic. If you need more, then you should get more based on what your server is using. Most hosts will allow you to upgrade the individual hardware pieces if you ask them.

You should be benchmarking with Pingdom, WebPagetest, and Google Page Speed Insights. Usually you’ll find that the load times are more effected by the frontend assets than the server response.

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Thank you mawburn, that’s been very helpful. Especially those links. Thank you.

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To add to mawburn’s excellent response, I recommend against canned apps (CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc) because they’re said to require so much CPU and RAM to fetch the MANY modules they require to build each and every page (including database access). There is at least one host (WebHostingBuzz.com or .co.uk) which specializes in shared accounts tailored to these CMSs but, IMHO, that’s a crutch, i.e., it’s hard to beat good code optimized for the website.

CMSs are also, IMHO, a major security concern. I’ve responded to too many people who’ve had their WP sites hacked (all it takes is a script kiddie who visits hacker sites for exploits which are then run “just for fun”). With the CMS code widely available, hackers can test their hacks before posting exploits and it’s then a race for the CMS makers to develop a patch before too many websites are destroyed. On the webmaster side, the workload is greatly extended because they must check for updates often enough to be assured of patching before the script kiddies get to their website.

In other words, YOUR software MUST be added as a fifth concern which trumps any concerns you may have with the host.



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Keep the website wherever you want. We have now 21’st century and we have CDN (content delivery networks) which will deliver to you and your users the cached version of your site within milliseconds. Personaly I like CloudFlare. I believe its the most popular one. Also it take 10min to set up your DNS’s with them. The most important part of it is that your site after that will be protected by their firewall.

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