What are some useful tips for PHP Developer interview?

Can anyone suggest me

let them refactor code.

@kevinjonas239 are you the one conducting the interview or the one being interviewed?


Well, just like any kind of interview it will be mostly based on soft skills. It’s not so much as what are you good at when you code, that’s just a very small portion of an interview. It will mostly be things like “Can you communicate with your team?”, “Are you a people person?”, “If someone made fun of you as a prank, what would you do?”

These are all questions that generally have to do with soft skills and not technical skills. A lot of employers don’t want to sit there and have to babysit you and keep you on track. That’s the biggest part of an interview. Been through too many to know that a lot of employers want to see good and ethical skills in their future employees. They can care less about how much knowledge you have with PHP or any language. They can teach you that on the job. What they can’t teach you is how you conduct yourself when you have to use a soft skill.

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