What Are Some Good Advanced Seo Books

What are some good SEO books? I need an advanced SEO book not a starters Guide. I am reading The art of SEO now and its amazing. What would you suggests reading next?

I have read the free e-book released by SEOmoz. It’s good and I’ve learned a lot.

I believe Google itself has a free ebook on SEO. Also, you may want to search Amazon for some of the authoritative SEO guides.

I always go for searchenginewatch.com and mashable.com to get the knowledge and updates of SEO. Then read the Mattcutts blog also mate.

Books? I don’t really read any books on SEO but you can download many e-books with great SEO information. I have also found that by reading the most recent updates, blog and information at SEOMOZ, search engine land and search engine journal I can keep up with the latest trends and techniques far better. A book will get you going but SEO changes weekly and then again in heavy way on a monthly basis as well. The top SEO sites will keep you in the loop and learning more quickly than any book can.

There are no more such things called advanced SEO books because things have changed pretty much with the SEO industry and old practices aren’t in vogue. Its better if you stay in touch with sites like SEOMoz, searchenginejournal, and searchenginewatch which give you real time updates on SEO industry.