What are some essential web design tools, resources, or tutorials you would recommend for someone whos new to web design

Hello im new to web design so i thought i might ask around for some essential web design tools, resources, or tutorials that could be out there.

Web design to me is the “look and feel”. Web development is to me how you get the site up and running.

If you mean the latter, my starting point was the infamous w3school.

The tools may differ slightly depending on which path you want to go. WordPress, PHP or whatever.

I’m new to website design so I figured I could make a few inquiries for some fundamental website design tools, assets, or instructional exercises that could be out there.

@emmanuelkatto I have moved your topic to an existing one since it is the same question.

If you like videos and want some full course easy tutorials to get started with web design, FreeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel has tons of tutorials. Here is a link that will show you what they have for HTML and web design…

Most are very good videos for free and you can learn at your own pace. Tons of content here too.


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