What are some challenges facing the SEO industry?

hi friends,What are some challenges facing the SEO industry?

The biggest issue being faced by the SEO industry is the perception that it’s largely comprised of snakeoil merchants who post a lot of fluff in forums.

A close second to that is the challenge of getting good SERP results for clients. With search engines changing their algorithms all the time, there’s no rest for the wicked. :slight_smile:

I have to agree with this. Just want to make an add that the SEO Industry is also filled with spammers. You need to figure out their strategy and outrank them with your own white-hat strategies.

The new algorithm applied by the Google in every month are the challenge in SEO industry. At present the penguin date as previously the panda update.

As google keeps on updating algorithm, it’s getting tougher for SEO’s. Getting quality links is very difficult and it requires more time.

I think some of the SEOs are just mislead or misunderstood some of the information presented in the internet. Search Engines (especially Google) are constantly changing plus the trends also in how to promote your products or websites also changes. Keeping up with the fast pace industry is really hard especially if you are new to it.

80% Companies Using freelancing Website to Hire Third world Countries at cheaper Rates . They are Spamming all the Web & at the end Loose Ranking on Every Google Update.

What are the challenges faced by today’s Internet marketers? There are many, which can make this question a little hard to answer at times. Back when the Internet first came into homes and people could easily access it for personal use, many people also realized that it could be used to market products, services and businesses online and that’s where it all began.

SEO industry biggest challenge or threat is the SEO’s itself who use black hat tactics and spam >.<

Before some times there were no Challenges In SEO but after Google Panda Updates and Google Penguin Update there are many Changes and Challenges came In the Market. Like Content Should be fresh and unique, We can not use the more keyword in the Website content, We can not do the over optimization it means we have lots of boundaries to do SEO and we have to Work within that boundaries.

Well; Practically the biggest challenge which ,I am facing is to detect the penguin update effect on domain and finding the most appropriate and effective way to get rid of Rank Drops, or removal from SERP!

The biggest challenge which SEO is facing these days is Google Penguin Update.

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