What are fake facebook likes?

somebody told me that nowadays likes on fb page don’t matter as most likes are fake and won’t drive you traffic is it true?


That all is variable. Did one buy the likes, or did they just show up via organic avenues, or via marketing?

Traffic is also variable. A thousand legitimate likes of real people who like your product may never click on your page again, or on your external links.

The one true fact is that “fake likes” - aka traffic that you buy from some company - will not drive you traffic, and if it does, it’ll be traffic for traffic’s sake. What you normally need, instead, if you’re running a business, is actual users who will convert into customers.


I agree with that idea. When one buy like, they don’t know it’s real or fake like. So if you want to take the traffic, it will be better when you hire an business account of facebook’s agency to run advertises because using the personal account maybe limited and harmed from facebook.

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yes i agree with this. two years back i have tested on Facebook likes systems. Within 24 hours i received more than 4000 likes. but no use with this systems. Traffic is not coming from this liker. I won’t suggest this strategy. I can agree with Facebook groups for best traffic.
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They are inactive profiles you just increase your no of likes on your facebook page nothing more.

If the account is just a dummy one then chances are you will drive any traffic to your account. It will be good if you can get real people to see your post and gather more clicks that to buy likes from fake account.

There are many sites available on the Internet which increase your Facebook’s fake likes by doing this activity you will not get expected traffic. Therefore, My opinion is not to apply such activity.

I still can’t understand correctly. There for example is websites with real ‘likes’ , no fake traffic. What is the difference? Can you recommend me that?

All traffic and likes which come to your site because you paid for them are fake. What you want are real people visiting your site because they are interested in it, and “liking” your content because they find it genuinely of good quality. Paid traffic, assuming it is real people and not just bots, is visiting your page because they’ve been paid to do so, and they couldn’t care less whether it’s about body-building, lace knitting, the latest tech or whatever. Unlike genuine traffic, they will not return, and will not recommend you to friends and family. All you have for your money is a bunch of worthless statistics.


best method for traffic is solo ads, for fb buying fake likes is just dumb, better spend on fb ads with some secret strategies and you will get real people who like your content

Well it pretty depends, I guess it will be better if you will create a promotion through a group in facebook or participate in an existing one with that you can get real users.

Its true that fake likes do not matter as they never convert, and the traffic is not genuine. If you want to run a business then I suggest use techniques for organic traffic, post really good content at really platforms and groups.

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