Wesite edit with table


This is wrna.
Currently I have been given to edit a website with table and also div and css. But on reviewing the whole site I found the whole thing is messed up like few css been deleted or not given n bla bla and even table tags showing errors.So I was wondering if anyone knows any magic like I could edit the things in that file easily and quickly and without mess…

Sorry if this is an annoying question.

It’s more of a confusing question. Perhaps post a link and tell us what you are trying to do.

First thing I would do, before even posting the link, is run your site through the validator and fix up all the errors it returns. Sometimes that can fix things up.

You could also try something like html Tidy although I’ve never used it as I prefer to do it by hand.

Actually the W3 validator has an option to output a Tidy source. I’ve used it, but it can be dangerous. For example, if you embed a div in a paragraph by accident, the Tidy source, rather that switching them, will simply delete them both. That’s the trouble when you let the computer think for you. I just go through line by line and fix errors I see by hand now.

Thanks to all for all your valuable replies…:D… Will do it by hand :wink: