Weird stuff when downloading fontello icons

So, earlier today i downloaded a .png image of the logo. Since then, when I download fontello-icons the fonts and the CSS files in the folder are named “twitch.css” , “twitch.tft” etc…

Anyone know why this might be? Did the .png image bring a virus?

Im using a macbook retina.

Where/how did you download these icons?

CSS files are text files with CSS styling code. TFT files are font files. Both are harmless.

I downloaded these from the fontello website… usually the files are named fontello.css etc … just think its weird that just because i download a png file named twitch.png … all fontello files i download get the name twitch aswell :S

Yes, but how? What steps?

If you’re just doing a file > save as​ on the page, you will get all of the page’s linked files.

Well when I downloaded the image I opened the img in another window, and only downloaded the image. And when downloading icons u choose the icons u want the push “download webfont” .