Weird ranking issue

ok so i am searching to get high ranking for “point of sale” but i got 0 when checking on keyword checker and i get an 8 for point of sale chicago why? please help.

my site:

i had a link and changed it to

is it going to hurt my ranking for point of sale? i got another page called

To get SEO benefit you can do 301 redirect of OLD URL to New URL.

i think the best way to check your PR and backlinks is using Google webmaster.

It is useful and dependable.

it says has PR 2
That change is definately going to hurt unless you make a 301 redirects…
my suggestion do a mod rewrite using .htacess file to pass the pr of old one to new one…
but from my experience…it can take some time…

how can i properly write the 301 redirect so it didn’t hurt my PR?

have a look at this

That is nice! I am going to write a 301 redirect for my site also. Thanks for your info!

well they say both are equivalent and i have also no theotical things to prove that but from my personal experience i found that
.htaccess redirect showed much faster and better results than php header redirect though we mentioned permanantly moved …301 and all…
just my experience…

With one site,i was never able to transfer old PR with php header redirect whereas with .htacess redirect the PR was excatly transfer with SERP results changed to new site with in weeks with .htaccess approach

can be coincidence…but that is how it went…