Weird floating column displacement

part of the sidebar, but only part is getting pushed down to the bottom of the page and I’m not sure why… it’s not happening in Chrome and it wasn’t happening before… it isn’t because they don’t have enough room…

I added “#sidebar ul {margin:0; padding:0;}” and it’s better now. still not sure why it broke since I never had that before, but it’s alll good.

it isn’t because they don’t have enough room…
That did seem to be the case, when I floated the sidebar right and removed the large left margin I had to adjust the width to get it in there.

#left {
[COLOR=Blue]width: 460px;[/COLOR]/[COLOR=Red]*was 480px*/[/COLOR]

#sidebar {

There may have been something that was adding to the width but I did not investigate further.

Your Content div had a width of 720px so there should have been enough room.

Yes, it must have been the default margin/padding on the ul. I removed 20px from the #left width and 20px is usually the default indent on a ul.

Safari was the only one I saw dropping the column down.