Will a website consisting of mostly affiliate adds hurt google rankings?

Will a website consisting of mostly affiliate adds be interesting for visitors?

I agree. Ultimately, these kinda websites would end up in something called as Google Sandbox or blacklisted.

@Joe, Why should you own a website that is no use for visitors as well as on search engines. Yes, you may get some money from the affiliate ad owners, but who will click on those ads?

There are chances that you may drive traffic through reference and social networking. You may even get some clicks on some ads(depending upon your website design and its theme and categorization.) but please note that search engines will consider it as a link farm.


For a start, if your site is full of affiliate ads then that doesn’t leave much room for content, so there’s not much there for Google to rank and index.

For a second, Google has said that it will actively demote sites that appear to be built for the main purpose of driving people to click on adverts. If your site offers little content of any quality or value, and all you’re doing is putting adverts up everywhere for people to click on, Google will lose interest in your site very quickly.[/font]

I agree with you timehseet now a days google is becoming smarter so it will definitely gonna hurt and there is no need of making such sites by which only you will get benefit.Instead my suggestion would be build a good site with unique and good quality content it will also help you in earning by placing the adsense.

I agree. How will you be able to attract visitors if all you have is adds all over your site. Create engaging/useful content that will make your site enjoyable.

Do you mean affiliate ads or links?

What is YOUR site about? Affiliate ads have to be relevant, so you have to be focusing on some kind of niche or category. If your site offers nothing of real value to people, you’re wasting your time anyways.