Websites for good, free photos?

What website do you use for getting hold of good quality photos please?

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I generally use my own photos, but I’ve used a couple of times and I like them.

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I have used and, both of which have been very good. Just be careful that you select images only from the free images section in, because istockphoto owns it, and will also feature images with the same search criteria in the sidebar.

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Yes, the same applies to pixabay, which also shows paid images from Shutterstock as “Sponsored images” in the sidebar. IIRC, any Shutterstock images are watermarked and clearly identifiable as such.

Thank you both very much. The helps appreciated.

Usually I use this one: Here you can find copyright free images with good quality. If you want to download more than 5 pictures at once you have to sign up.

I’ll add my recommendation for Pixabay. There’s also which is all free. Pixabay uses the CC0 license, whereas Morguefile has their own. is also a nice site for high-quality, free photos.


Pixabay has always been my go-to site-

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If you’re looking for stock photos then you can go to shutterstock or flickr. But it would be best to your own photos instead to avoid any issues from using other people’s photos…:slight_smile:

This is where I always go - highly recommend!

Pexels, it’s like Unsplash but with more photos.

I found that when you want to do something good it is better to spend a little money on it. usually the free photos are of lesser quality and of course using photos without permission is a risk.

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I second that. Way better image quality than most and easy to use website


I agree with @nikolaj too. If I have some funds to spare, I like the thought of the photographer getting some money for it. Shutterstock is a good one for this.

But I know you asked for free images so I’d also recommend Flickr, which I’ve been using a bit. Make sure to check out which license it’s under - search for Creative Commons images. And then usually I credit the photographer and sometimes I even contact the photographer and send them a link to where I published their photography so that they can maybe use it for their portfolio.

Hope that helps!

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How about Stocksy? I don’t see other people recommend it so often, but it’s royalty free and I think the quality’s pretty good.

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I’m basically use cartoon character photos, but sometime I have used and that is my favorite!!!

Here are some other good options:

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