Website wont display Chinese Characters


I have a website which is works with Node JS and JSON.

I need to have a Chinese version of it, we can get Russian to work ok, but not Chinese… the charset is UTF-8.

Does anyone know why this wouldn’t be working? Its really puzzling a work mate and I, who are tasked with getting this done.

Many thanks for any advice.

Unfortunately “not working” doesn’t provide much of a clue about what could be wrong.

l know Chinese doesn’t have word breaks like most other languages have. But I have no idea if that is involved with your problem.

What error message(s) are you getting?

No actual error messages, but if you go to the address ( and select the Chinese flag if required (css not ideal yet), it will change to whats supposed to be Chinese, but it is all full of ? symbols etc.

The charset is set as UTF-8 in the HTML, i have no idea why it wouldn’t be working :confused:

The language strings are all pulled in from a large JSON file. Other languages like Russian work so far.

Ah, I didn’t get the UK flag until I switched to landscape. And I didn’t get the CN flag until I hit the tap target for the UK flag.

It felt like it might be a browser not having the font. But I see this OK

So my next guess is it’s an encoding conflict somewhere.

Not so easy to fix as downloading a font. But once you find settings that work you’ll know.

You should check every encoding setting from start to end. I like UTF-8 without BOM but pick whatever and be consistent.

  • text editors if used.
  • database
  • script involved
  • HTTP headers
  • browser

Maybe you will save some time if you can see what distinguishes “camlin” from the question mark text.

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