Website Traffic Builder Dumb Techniques

Traffic is like a sweet dessert that makes one drool over. In the same way, marketers always salivates with just the thought of generating web site traffic. However, dumb tactics are posted online that makes the website traffic builder method ineffective. For instance, ‘top-quality blogs’ would generate massive traffic. I am not saying it is not true, but merely relying on this technique alone wont generate even a single traffic. Instead having a top quality blog with proper implementation of SEO techniques make sense.

Any dumb website traffic builder technique have you read recently?

I always use the appropriate manner in a traffic building for my website which I used for selling my products (I think it’s appropriate). And here are my own traffic builder
Such with SEO techniques as has been widely discussed.
Social Bookmarking as we all know the power of social bookmarking, also good for our SEO campaign.
Forum posting
Blogging Besides I provides for products and service, I also try to help the other by post an useful blog post which contain any tips, or advice that would be useful for visitors who read it.
I only mentioned a few of the techniques I use as my own traffic builder. And maybe you can also share with us to complete it.
Thanks, Deny Saputra

Well, the dumbest technique I have seen in my life is paid traffic.
Such traffic has no chance of getting converted into leads. Moreover you are killing your bandwidth yourself.

Are you sure? I do not ask you to mention to whom you are buying traffic. But I want to say is, you need to do some research before buying traffic from the provider. I do not fully agree with your opinion, because of my experience, those who buy traffic from the right provider repeatedly come back to buy. And whether it might happen if they consider paid traffic is dumbest?
Thanks, Deny Saputra

I think it depends on what the purpose of the website is and how often you need to change it, and from where. A lot of the tools are programs you load onto your desktop so you can’t then change the content easily from other desktops or internet cafes. Some tools are provided by hosts, but require you to know HTML.

I know a load of micromanaged companies that have director’s with a bit of SEO knowledge deciding that their rank will improve if their home page contains every link to every page under different keywords. I know dozens of sites with a huge list of hundreds of internal links at the bottom of their pages under different keywords “for SEO purposes”.

As with many things, not acting on a lack of knowledge is nowhere near as dangerous as acting on a bit of knowledge.

First thing, I don’t buy traffic… This idea sounds stupid to me.
Come on, you are paying people to buy stuff from your website.

And those who buy traffic (your customers) are among those webmasters who want to sale of their websites. And for giving an illusion of high traffic website people but traffic.

other reason for buying traffic could be desperation to improve Alexa ranking.

The main worst thing is paid traffic. Its very dumbest technique and the fact is so many people still following it. Google knows that is there paid or organic traffic on your website.

WHy? If this traffic is targeted, you may have a certain amount of conversion. So, why not.

These products could also cripple your organization when involved incorrectly.

I am trying to be argumentative, but I am just curious if you do not buy traffic, then where have you heard that this type of traffic has no chance of getting converted into leads?

There are numerous business models (automotive, dating sites, etc.) that have been extremely successful buying traffic and converting it into leads.

Buying traffic works much better if you offer a product or service, because you know how much your product is worth and after testing paid traffic for awhile you can easily determine your conversion rate so you know your margins and at what price you can purchase traffic to be profitable.

Knowing this data, actually makes it a much simpler business model to control and execute.