Website security

Hi I am doing a dissertation on website security and i need some help on what security protection methods anyone knoes on how to protect websites from hackers?

Most important is the permission of files .Always check the permission of newly uploaded files.

Remove unnecessary old files.

Protect the source code.

Password protection for scripts and databases which are not meant for public.Make sure the passwords are alphanumeric combination.

Update the control panel and other software’s regularly.

check out they probably have all the info you need for a dissertation.

Configure your firewall to have strictly the the necessary ports open, usually port number 80 for the webserver.

As per my opinion the most important and effective way to secure a website from hackers and malware is using an SSL Certificate for your website. SSL Certificate also helps to increase online visual trust from users and customers of particular site. Which type of SSL Security you required is depends on your site. If you have multiple sub domains on the same domain name then WildCard SSL Certificates are the best security option. There are many other Scanning and Hackerproof Trust mark certificate available to protect a website from the threat of hackers.

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