Website Search Engines with PHP Frontend

Hello All,

we are running a site with over 10,000 pages and close to 1,000 docs as PDF and .doc files.

For a long time we have used Perlfect Search for our internal website search. Unfortunately we are not very happy with Perlfect Search anymore, since it seems to have trouble with the http search of so many pages. Indexing takes days and recently seems to abort.

Now I wounder, if there aren’t better and maybe faster search engines recently.

Can someone give me sore recommendation.

What about

  • mnoGoSearch
  • Sphinx
  • Swish
  • Solr
  • PHPdig
  • Ksearch

It should not be to difficult to get the search engine to run and integrate it into the CMS, it must at least a PHP frontend for the search.

Thankful for all tips,

Just a suggestion here.

What about simply implementing a Google search for your particular site. I don’t think it will have any problems with the amount of load. As far as I know it also indexes PDF, although I am not entirely sure about the .doc files - can someone correct me on this?

Sitepoint implements on the main website, you can [=1&refinements[articles]=1&refinements[products]=1&refinements[forums]=1&refinements[reference]=1&simpleform_submit_marker=searchinput"]have a look at it in action here.]([blogs)

Not all articles are available for free.
With Perlfect Search, we indexed them, but had the search result point to the downlaod page and not the download itself. I doubt, this is possible with google?!

Meanwhile I found this:
Maybe someone wants to add something…