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Hi please give some tips to promote my ecommerce website on social media…

Welcome to the forums, @andrewjones035.

That’s rather a vague question, and to get any useful replies, you really need to give us more information.

Are you already using social media, and if so, which? What techniques have you already tried? Or are you a complete beginner just looking to get started in social media?

Who is your target audience? (Age group, geographical location, gender.)

Before your making a site also make sure that the Pages/Names on the top social medias are available for your website. Cause i really helps a lot for your site to find your or to contact you on those social media accounts. Also make the social medias informative that they will be comfortable or will really trust your social medias. You can try using this site ( to check if those page names are available.

Here is a link that can help you know what should you do for eCommerce sites

Maintain your social media profiles, post fresh and relevant contents related to your niche regularly. That’s it, hope it helps!

you need to create a lot of backlinks in a lot of social media websites. The most important thing is to not be spammy.

So which is it? Creating a lot of backlinks in a lot of sites is being spammy.

Write about your product and services in descriptive way and share on Social Media. To get more better result make effective video related to your product and post it on your profile page. It will work fast and efficiently for your e-commerce website.

In order to improve your traffic through social media, you should first figure out, which social media would work best for you, where exactly does your target audience spent most of their time on. Once you have understood your audience interest, then you can start with your social media account. Try to create content that excites your audience and hold their interest. Make sure it is related to your niche. Also, try to get only real friends. It is always the quality that matters not quantity.

Hi andrewjones,
Create your profile on Social media platforms and update your product or services info regularly.Engage with your audience .Also concentrate on paid advertising that will be helpful to acquire new customers.Monitor the report for optimization.refer this too

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Very easy way: Hire some freelancer they will help you as a low cost.

If you want to promote your Website using social Media than you have to create a profile on social media and than you have to keep updating it with new and latest content that people like. If you can create few video based on your service or product you sell and than try to promote it, this will help you in promoting your products and as well as your website.

Thanks to all who replied. As the OP has never returned, there seems little point in pursuing this. Without more information, we can only offer general suggestions.

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