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Hello guys, can you help me a little bit? …I have a blog and i want to promote it, it can be done by myself or i should ask for help a specialized company? A friend of mine recommended me a company <snip>link deleted</snip>, do you think i should call them, it is relevant? i would be very thankful to you for help

I don’t think that in this case we need the link to this particular company. There are so many companies that claim to know everything about SEO that we don’t know which one is good and which one is bad. Your friend recommended it. He must trust them. And I assume that you’re from the same country as this company.

Regarding if you should hire someone or do it yourself, it depends on many factors like your willingness to both work hard and learn, the time you have, if you’d rather delegate this task to someone else, the size of your blog and the time that’s been online…

If it is a “personal” blog that you want to promote to sell, let’s say, advertising space, hiring a company will be expensive. Will the return of investment be worth it? Depends on what the expense is, and what you’re making from your blog now.

Still, if I could and had the time, I’d do it myself if it was my blog. First, to do a great promotion you need to understand the public you’re targetting, and have indepth knowledge of the topics discussed in the blog. Being my own blog, I’d be in the best position to answer those questions and therefore do a much better job. If I don’t understand my readers, then I’m not good at what I do. And if I don’t know about marketing a blog, it would be a great learning experience which will be extremely useful if I wanted to hire a company like this in the future.

If it is a business blog… well, a bit more of the same. Maybe I want to keep it in the company because no marketing company can understand my products as my own company can. You will, of course, need someone that knows the ropes of online promotion.

You are right, i am from the same country as company and that’s why i asked for help, because i know that are a lot of this companies. My blog is about fashion and i try to to my best, to write different in order that content will attract people. Thank you for advice i’ll try to find and other information about it.

If you’re new to SEO, I’d recommend reading Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. You might also be interested in this Google article, which will help you decide whether you need to employ somebody to do this for you, and if so, how to choose a reputable company:

Hello. There are many guidelines when it comes to promoting sites. I suggest that your blog site should be 3 months old and have enough posts and unique contents before you promote it. I did Search engine optimization before and I know how each unique content will affect your site’s traffic and visibility.

There are many simple ways with which you can promote your blog, some of these are:

  1. Promote your blog with Social Networking: Post your blog post on all the social media platforms.
  2. Link Blog on Website Pages: If you have website, then promote your blog on the homepage.
  3. Bookmarking sites: Submit your blog posts to bookmarking sites for others to read like, and etc.

Doing promotion by yourself will be the best, you will learn how to promote the correct way, some seo company result will ended on Google penalty especially when they put link on the bad neighborhood but many have excellent result. So ask for their portfolio before hire some SEO company just to make sure you are in the good hand.

If you are Content Writer and You have knowledge about you Blog theme i dont think you need a company to promote do by self it is so easy.
Step 1- Find out Off Page Activity
Step 2- Choose any Activity Like Social Bookmark
Step 3- Submit Your Blog There by simply register and submit by filling form( if you dont know what is book mark then you dont need to find out simply put High PR social bookmarking sites list on Google and submit there on by one )

Hi friend
I believe you must hire professional search engine optimizer to do all the off site and and onsite tasks. A non professional person do not what to do exactly so better hand over the work to professionals. :slight_smile:

You should go ahead and promote it yourself. If you are confident about your content and feel your content can attract visitors, why not give it a try yourself. You have lot of information out there on net, on how to begin with.
I suggest you should try self promotion before you hand it over to any agency.

I am agree with angelina you need a seo counsltant to advice you for marketing of your website.

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