Website name?

hello everyone
i am making a webbsite based on movies/songs and other digital media stuf
please give me your suggestion for website name?


To come up with a really appropriate name, we’d need a LOT more information. Presumably there’s a background to this site, a reason for its existence, perhaps a place that it’s based in … and so on. Things like the target audience would play a factor in the name, too. I’d really want to have all that in front of me before coming up with a name … especially if this is a business site.

i recommend you to make a name smaller - 5-7 digit name
the name should be contain two or three same letters

I hope you should try to take a name containing on 5 to 7 words it can be suggest that you can use the name world-movie or the movies shine or the movie and movies…
It will all help you i hope it will good…

i will suggest you to work with the keyword and this will give you the idea about keyword density which will help you to select your website name. thanks

For SEO reasons I would take some deep thought into what keywords you want to target. A proven domain name with keywords in the URL will greatly help your seo process. Keep it as short as possible and no hyphens :slight_smile:

Of course I would need more details on what type of content (specifics) to give the best names while abiding by the available domain names but I have one ahead and PM’d you some suggestions.

I saw a website online something called name generator or something. It will work out very well. Have a try at there.

Short and sweet will get you remembered. But, you really do need to think about those keywords. You can choose a name that will stick with people and have your necessary keywords within it to some extent. It is also hard to suggest a name or domain when it may already have been taken. You have a broad niche so you should be able to find something that will work well.