Website multiplayer games

I have a browser based game and I would like to make a new area of multiplayer games (mini fun flash games or something like that)
Is there any service that offers mini games with integration to my user database? or any service you think I might check?

Thanks in advance!

Jsut to clarify, you have made a browser based game and you want to integrate it into an arcade game site. You want to use your users DB and pass it over to the new site?

What is the game written in?

I want to let my players play online fun games vs each other as an extra to my browsre based game.
My website is coded with PHP & SQL.

Can you PM me a link to your site?

I cant work out if you want to make an existing game multiplayer, add your game to a arcade, or something else :S

i dont think you can mini flash games online as a multi player coz those games are not made to play among friends online.

Why not guy?