Website moneterisation with micro payments?

I found this article:

Allows web publishers to moneterise where traditional payment systems (ie paypal, credit card processing) create too huge of a barrier for market entry.

What do others think of this business model? Is it feasible in practice? Your thoughts.

It certainly seems like bitcoin adoption is on the rise.

Well, Linden Labs have used something similar for years and that’s why Second Life became so famours and popular at one point.

The idea in Second Life is different. You may pay 500 Lindens and that would represent a 0.010 USD
Althoug the amounts where that minimum, early adopters did good money with this system and there are still some that do fairly well because, at the end, a lot of little amounts mean one large sum.

In Second Life the money still comes from the end user, even if 10 USD will last forever.

In this article, I don’t see where the money comes from because, at the end of the day, you need real cash and not virtual one.

The second thing is that, as in Second Life, we don’t know if it will be worth it. Probably early adopters will get all the traffic and it will be great for them but when competition becomes fierce, it will be another subject

Still, I think it is a good idea to give the user the option to read only one article instead of subscribing if he doesn’t want to, and make it easier for him to get the content that he’s really interested in. So it may be a good choice because if you use a regular system, you may not be interested in charging 1 USD for an article. Just the processing charges for the transaction itself may make it not worth it.