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I am creating a website where the URL is the main product name. The product is called a lamicoid (which is an industrial engraving product.) my concern is that lamicoids is also commonly spelled lamacoids as well. Both are correct. Lamacoids was not available as a url.

I was hoping you guys had ideas or tips on ways to get both spellings to drive traffic to the site.

I’ve been keeping the site consistent by strictly using lamicoids spelling so far. The site has not launched yet so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Just choose the most common spelling for your target countries, search engines are smart enough these days to figure out different spelling of the same word.

For good measure you could try alternating page titles and text copy to use both variations…

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Keywords spellings are depends on the country, State even location as well. So Choose best keyword finder and choose the best spelling keyword and target that…

For example If i do SEO for an Indian website then i will choose keyword Search Engine Optimization but if i do SEO for UK then i will target search engine optimisation keyword so this is the difference…

I hope it will help you finalize that… If yes the Say THANKS to my POST…



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