Website Keywords layout

I see the site layout of keywords as follows:
Hot Keywords : in the home , the general Keywords: in the navigation column, Secondary Keywords: in product or article.
Please advise .

Not sure I follow you. But, I’ll copy below some keyword placement notes I took while reading a book on web marketing.

“Keyword Density 2-3 %, but not as important anymore. Put keywords in title tag, description tag, keyword tag, alt tags, header tags, first 25 words of page, last 25 words of page, bold them at least once on the page, italicize or underline at least once.”

Meta Tags
Each page should have unique tags. No duplicates.
4 main ones: title, description, keywords, robots

Title: Title of your page in search results. No more than 7 words & less than 60 characters, including spaces (max for google). Include your keywords. The post “|” separates distinct phrases for Google.

Description: Description of your page. Use keywords twice if possible here (BING) but no more. Keep compelling and accurate as to what’s on the page.
Keywords: Include main keywords, those that are main focus of website, and those associated with theme of webpage. Don’t stuff too many. Separate with comma then space. Don’t use words consequtively. ex. marketing, serach engine, marketing resources…

title range 65 character with space and description range 175 character with space

use keyword as giving priority by H (H1, H2…H6)tags

use keyword that best describe with your site for easy to locate your site. And try to think keyword that unique from others for the traffic proposes.