Website is not showing in SERP with Name. Why?

I have a website name allisonandallison dot co dot uk. Google is
indexing website very well. But the problem is when i search with “Allison and Allison”.

Website is not showing even first 100 SERP results. Can you please help me to resolve this issue?


Are you searching it with the quotation marks?

No without quotations

That will be why then. “Allison” on its own is likely to be far too common a term, and Google ignores words like “and”. You’re effectively searching on “Allison” alone, hence the results you get. Try again with the quotation marks around it and see what you get.

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I have tried both with quotation and without quotation mark but results are not coming in my favor.

It’s on page 2, which I’d have thought was a pretty good result myself.

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May i know what term you have searched?

Using quotations marks, it comes first for me in Yahoo and Bing, and on page 2 of Google (searching from the UK).

Is it a search term you think that potential customers of the site are likely to be using?

You need to remember that search results try to show the page which best matches the search terms. Merely having the keywords in the domain is not enough; search engines look at the content of the page to determine how closely it meets the search term. So unless “Allison and Allison” occurs regularly in your text (which a brief look suggests it doesn’t), search engine algorithms are likely to determine the pages are not a good fit for that search term.

Exactly as I said "Allison and Allison" including the quotation marks.

It comes up at around result 16 or 17 on

Is it not possible to come up on Google without quotation marks?

Can you please provide me any suggestion that will help me? I want to come up on Google without quotation marks.

I think you have precisely zero chance of achieving that - that’s not the way Google works, as I explained in post #4 above. You are effectively searching on the word “Allison” and nothing else. Your search term isn’t even close to being unique enough to do what you want.

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Ok i agree with your point. But the question is. If you search with allison & allison

Website (allisonattorneys dot com) having same title is coming 3. Can you explain this why?

Google clearly believes that is a better match for the term you’re searching on. They are likely basing that on the quality of the content on the page that leads them to believe that’s most likely what people looking for.

So if i add more content into homepage then there is any chance?

There is no content on this website allisonattorneys dot com.

The second site has been around for several years, whereas yours is only a few months old. In the absence of any really good match content-wise, Google seems to prefer the longer-established site.

That will depend on the content. Did you read what I said in post #8?


I have read everything what you said. I know my domain is new. But still this doesn’t mean that you are not showing in even first 200 searches.

The obvious first step to ensuring the term “Allison and Allison” actually appears on the page and can be indexed by search engines would be to include it as text in the header, preferably in h1 tags. If, for some reason, you really have no option but to use the logo image, then at least provide alt text for it.


There are more than 200 factors that affect the output of a Google search, page rank is just one of them.

If your site was old, full of usefull, great content and a authority in its field, then you’d probably be number one for that term.

As it is, you’re not. And be aware that Google is generally gracious for a little while with new sites, giving them a higher ranking that they should when they’re first indexed. They are giving you the benefit of the doubt.
But that generosity goes fast if you don’t fill your site with good content.

One of the factors that affects your ranking is traffic. If you’re in such a hurry, then buy it ( I mean, run a PPC campaign and create good landing pages). Be aware that while you may get new traffic, it is equally important to maintain and retain that traffic.

SEO-wise, the only thing you should do is… not think about SEO but about accessibility.

Creating an accessible page is creating a SEO optimized page. So do yourself a favor and think about other people and simple make it accessible.

@technobear just gave you one important tip about that, although it is not the only one, of course.


It’s amazing how many who obsess about SEO don’t realise this and don’t consider accessibility.
If a page can be understood and makes sense to someone reading it via a screen reader (machine readable) then it will make sense to the crawlers too.

A perfect example. That logo could be displayed in text if you have the fonts. The alt text you have just says “hj” which means nothing to me, at the very least make it say what to logo says. And the page has no h1, which that logo is crying out to be.
EDIT: The alt text is blank, was looking at the wrong img, but still…
And if you do keep the image logo, re-name the file something like “allison-and-allison.jpg” rather than “logo123.jpg”.
I also notice you have some schema info in a script, that can help. But why not put more specific info in that? For example, it says it’s a website, but not what the site is about, it’s about a company, which has a name.

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