Website form validation

Hello everyone, this is my first post. I’ve a little question about validation of forms on websites to prevent spam and “unfilled” forms.

For some time, people have said that client-side validation of forms is kinda bad because people just can disable javascript etc.

But if you use javascript validation, and remove the input submit button, replace it with an:

<a href="#" onclick="javascript:document.myform.submit();">Send Message</a>

Because, if people have javascript disabled, they won’t be able to sent the form either? I know they then can go edit the html with firebug etc, and change the alink to a input type=“submit” instead - but they need to do that each time they wanna “spam” the form or site.

The reason why I’m asking, is because I normally use php, but haven’t found a way to use the FILTER_VALIDATE_URL that works, because it needs to have the “http://” in front of the link before it will validate. Which I’m wondering.

And is it okay to use “tons” of javascript on a site… Because yes, it will remove lots of features for none-javascript users. - But if you go to etc., disable your javascript, you can’t do anything… No status update, no chat, no comment, no “like” and so.

But just wondering if there is a good way to make client-side validation, or that I should go to the javascript/ajax or php thread to ask about validation!

Thank you much,

regards Lucas

Thank you for the answer! - I will go ask in the PHP section for server-side validation then!