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I have created my website using technique HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ajax. It has been completed and I want to use database for same website.

So, in which language I do convert my website? Which one is better and why? I found DotNet is better.
Please give your suggestions.


Asking which language is ‘better’ is a very subjective question, everyone will have a different opinion. Which language you should use is going to depend on your situation:

  • What languages are supported on your web hosting/server?
  • Do you have any programming experience with server-side languages?
  • Do you have any specific technology requirements that might narrow your choice of language (e.g. if you wanted to have real-time chat features, you’d want to consider Node.js)

Thanks @fretburner

Website is not hosted yet and I don’t know server side programming. Also, the requirement is not critical too. Just I need to use database. My be I will have to change website earlier, may need to add content and pages. So, what technique will be better to make these changes easily.

Well, that being the case, I’d suggest going with PHP. From a hosting perspective, it’s far the most commonly available language (even cheap hosting often comes with PHP support), and there’s also a very active PHP board here on the forum where you can get help and advice.

Okay… thanks for your recommendation.

If you have 0 server side programming experience then Ruby on Rails might be perfect for you. With PHP, you still have to build a tech stack to build a good app…not that I know much about PHP but I’ve heard people are using MVC framework like CakePHP and Zend or something. Good thing about Ruby on Rails is that it pre-selected the tech stack you need and it already provides you with default project structure and etc… Definitely, pick up a book on RoR and you be ready to go.

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