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Where Should i get the content for my website?

Get it from yourself. :slight_smile:

There are websites that providing content for free, and I think you must to subscribe first but If I were you? I will do it on my own or hire an expert content writer.


OK, the point is, if you don’t have content, why are you creating a site? Normally, you have some content/information/products to present to the world. Thus, you get a website for doing that. So if you don’t have content, why are you building a website?

I think i know how to help you. There are many websites where webmasters get their content from. The best that i know of so far is [noparse][/noparse]. All you need to do is register as a member, post your job request on the blackboard and within seconds a writer clicks on write article. The writer has strict time frame within which he/she must complete the task. This makes the process of content delivery very fast and efficient. The requester has the right to either approve or reject content if it fails to meet the set expectations.

There are many websites that can provide you with the content for your website. But in order to stand out your content has to be different, for that you can write up content according to your thought process as well.

You can get it from anywhere but you must check whether it’s is unique and relevant to your site before updating it into your site

This is a great place to get free, quality content:

It is important to create the content for your website as you know the unique points of your website. Make sure that the content is informative and valuable for the people who visit your website.

If you are looking to copy posts from other sites then forget it. Google will ban you for that… Write content with your own.

There is no way where you get the content for the website.
Just search for that particular topic for which you want content and then write on it by your self.
This is the best way for content writing.

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