Website body keeps moving right to left, left to right

i just have little problem that when i switch the language from English to Arabic in my website store, the body start shaking and never stop… idk why this happen but i might get help from here


Thank you…

As-salamu alaykum and welcome to the the SP Forum.

Please supply the browser and operating system because it appears to be OK using Ubuntu’s FireFox.


wa alykom alslam :heart:

im using google chrome, iMac OS X El Capitan

just wait and see, select the Arabic language
cause in English work so fine

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That can be an indication of a vertical scroll bar moving the page over. On a long page the scroll bar is present and a short one it is not. I notice the scroll bar is on different sides depending on the language. But saying that I can not see it moving in IE11

Just tried Chrome and the side bar is on the right for Arabic and I do not have a button to change the language.

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There are numerous HTML Validation errors on the page and anyone could be causing the problem.

Please clear the above errors and let us know if the page is still shaking.


It stops if you go to chrome://settings/content and turn off JavaScript.

But like John posted, with the other errors it can’t really be expected that the JavaScript will work properly.


You seem to have an animation going on underneath the header. Try adding this:

#decoration_scene_top, .tb_dec__layer {overflow:hidden}

Not sure if it will solve the problem though.

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i appreciated all the help from you guys, thank you

i think i fixed the problem with this:

body {
direction: ltr;
[dir=“rtl”] #wrapper {
direction: rtl;

now everything’s good, but when i open the website in Google Chrome, the "pages” running very SLOW!
other browsers work so fine

Any suggestions?

Did you try my fix first?

Yes i did, but it doesn’t work.

i replaced with this

min-height: 500px;
#decoration_scene_top {
display: none;

and its working :+1:

Thanks everyone for the help :heart:

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