Website Application - Where to start


Hope this is the write place (no question too simple).

I’ve created basic (very basic) websites and would like to create a website application based on an idea I have had… I’ve starting to dot down some ideas on what the application would be provding and an idea around GUI, database design but i’m at a loss at where I should start.

I’ve created website in php and would like to use this as a learning platform to develop my skills etc. I’m not sure if it is worth me trying to pick up a new language or not.

I would like to ensure that I code this correctly from the start OO programming, good database design etc and looking for some starting tips, tutorials places to start etc…

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Before you start looking for programming advice or tips, you need to decide which language you will be programming in.

Since you have already started with PHP, it would make sense to continue with it. In general, PHP (plus MySQL) is a very capable platform, and you are unlikely to come up against its limitations in the project you have in mind. It also has the advantage of being more economical than, say, .NET as far as hosting is concerend.


Hi bachgen,

I 2+ Miki’s recommendation. PHP and MySQL plus Javascript and CSS using stable HTML standards give you the ability to create quite amazing applications. Look as some of the biggest social media sites built with PHP as a core language.

On a side note, if you want to eventually take on freelance work the pay can be a little (but not significantly) better.

Oh, and welcome to the forum!


Thank you for your posts, keeping to something I’ve previously done makes sense after all, and nice tip for freelance :D.

Have my programming and database language and basic concept for the site, now where ?

Hi bachgen,

I meant to say

On a side note, if you want to eventually take on freelance work the pay can be a little (but not significantly) better if you use .NET or jAVA.

You may want to use a book like Kevin Yank’s How to build a database driven website. Many people starting out use this as a way to consolidate their thinking in how they will integrate a database into their site.