Webpage redirection time

Hi all,

I want to calculate time consumed in redirecting from 1 webpage to another webpage.

For Example:

  1. I am using Facebook in Google Chrome browser.
    I have shared 1 link on my Facebook profile like below:
  1. When I click on this link from my Facebook profile, then this website will open in new tab.

  2. I want to calculate time difference in miliseconds or microseconds between below two events:
    First Event: Time of clicking link “http://www.webdeveloper.com/” from my Facebook profile.
    Second Event: Time of completely loading webpage of “http://www.webdeveloper.com/”.

Thank you in advance.

Web browsers now have timeline and profiling tools that can help you with that.

Thank you for your responses.
I decided to go ahead with firebug for Firefox and Developer’s tool for Chrome.
My problem is solved.