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Can I add each and every page of my website to Google webmaster tools?



You would add your root domain to the site. Then you can use one of the menu items “fetch as Google” to crawl the root domain and all linked pages.

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does that not happen automatically,if you inner-link all of your pages?

Hey thanks for sharing this resource, means inner pages auto linked due to inner connection during web development,but what about the pages which are not connected to our site and need post in the same domain.then how Google Analytics works?


I can’t recall if your pages are crawled automatically or not but my guess is yes. Whether it is done automatically or if you prompt Google to crawl your site, it will only crawl interlinked pages on the domain that you have registered with WMT. So if all your pages are linked in some way, Googlebot will follow links from one page to another.




Are you referring to Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools?

I’m not entirely sure about this but in webmaster tools, if you have pages that are in no way linked to other pages on your domain (whether by nature or if you have specified to Googlebot through the no-follow attribute), they may not be indexed. That being said, there are still instances of pages not being indexed even though they are not linked to a domains other pages. One of the only ways to be sure they won’t be indexed is to include them in a robots.txt file as directories or pages that should not be indexed.

If you are talking about analytics, data is sent to be processed by Google’s servers if there is tracking code installed on a page. If your site uses a template and the tracking code is installed there, any page that uses that template will be tracked. If you have a traditional site that does not utilize a template to render pages, tracking information is only sent from pages where the tracking code is installed. So if you had a page that had tracking code on it but was not connected to the rest of the site, it would still collect data. If you had a page that was connected to the rest of the site but did not have tracking code on it, no data would be collected for that page.

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Sorry but what would be even the point of adding your pages to gwt? If you explain your goal, we’d sort that out easier. Not sure if that’s the part of your concern, but basically you don’t have to worry that google won’t see some of your pages. All you have to do is make sure they’re not restricted from indexing. You shouldn’t add them manually anywhere just to let google know they exist.