Webfonts not working?! (typekit, google fonts etc)

My problem is that webfonts, both typekit and google fonts have stopped working. They won’t display neither on my websites or websites that i visit. They aint even showing on the typekit site. All I see is serif and sans-serif…

Im using a macbook pro retina and first i thought it was some issue with my computer, but its the same thing on my tablet…

Anyone have any idea?

EDIT: one more thing… websites that use webfonts are loading much slower then other sites… even on localhost.

Sites such as Google fonts and Typekit are working perfectly fine for me, do you have screenshots of what is happening as it sounds like an issue on your end.

Dunno what the issue was, it didn’t work on any of my devices… but like 4 hours later, it worked again, without me doing anything.

Sounds like your ISP had a temporary routing issue