Web site for a Pharmacy : Ethics and Standards?


I’ve been approached by a Pharmacy to help build a web site.

It will be for giving a bit of background to the offline services they offer as well as provide an online shop to sell various products.

They’re hoping to integrate it with an existing Joomla database (to display Health Advice information) as well as trade online (with Magento).

Has anyone ever developed a site for a Pharmacy before?

Is there anything I should be weary of before I begin development?

Are there any regulations or standards we need to make sure the site adheres to?

Many thanks for any advice.

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Thank you Linda :smiley:

Many thanks for your response, bluedreamer.

At first I think they’re just wanting to sell products they would sell in the Pharmacy (off the shelf). Not drugs.
I will need to double check this however.

I think it would be a similar setup to this company: www.rowlandspharmacy.co.uk

Can you think of anything else I should consider before going any further?

I think they’re letting a separate web site handle repeat prescriptions.

Many thanks again, really appreciate your help with this.

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Yes, that is correct.

I’ve always said I’m a taker, not a pusher :wink:

If its anything like our local pharmacy they sell allsorts from Nicorette patches and Glucose tablets to perfume and deodorant. I guess that they are looking to sell that side of things rather than prescription fulfillment?

If that’s the case then you should be fine as spikeZ said. On the net the word “pharmancy” conjours up ideas of people selling viagra :slight_smile:

That depends what you mean by “pharmacy”. Be very aware of what they want to sell online, especially prescription drugs which are illegal to sell in the UK unless you have a proper doctors prescription.