Web site adapted to mobile (please feedback)

Dear community,

Recently we redesigned a site from a client, to make it mobile friendly according to Google suggestions, the site is: www.freesharewaredepot.com could you give us some feedback?

We want to know:

  1. Looks fine, looks interesting.
  2. Runs well in mobile devices.
  3. Is fast.

Thank you

When I view it from my Nokia Lumia 925 (4.5 inch display), it feels really squished. A lot of the words are cut off at either sides, and It’s not split up very well.

In all it doesn’t feel very responsive, it feels more like the web version dimmed down a bit, and not aligned properly.

Sorry for the bad review, I will write a more in depth one later saying where things need to be fixed.

When I view it on the web version I realized that the mobile version is literally just a strip from the left hand side of the website.

Is this meant to happen?

The side bar on the right moves down the the bottom.

The bit I have a problem with is that the first box, which contains the h1 tag “Discount Coupon of the Week” gets hidden, but leaves a big grey gap at the top where it was.

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