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I have created a blogspot website for my new content . But I want to do attractive my site for many options like review and slidebar visitor count etc . Please tell me by your post.

Hi ovizunshop, welcome to the forum. My advice to you before adding any features to your website is to consider how useful would it be for your site visitors.

As for your question, Site Meter is a useful analytics tool that tracks your site data and allows you to display a visitors counter on your website. Personally, I prefer using Google Analytics because it is a standard these days and there is really no need to show your visitors count publicly other than for vanity reasons.

What do you mean by reviews? Are you referring to creating product reviews content?

What platform you are using for website? If you have wordpress for blogging then its great. There are widgets and plugin available to set up the sidebar and other customized design.

The op has already indicated that his site uses the blogspot platform.

In the blogspot, there are many customization options.

You can have many themes, widgets, on the sidebar as well.

check this


Its free and one of the best for blogspot.

Blog spot provide the many function to customized your blog and and new widgets creating a good look blog i always prefer to blogger and i make many blogger to blog spot,

Find a template perfect for your site. There are lots of blogger templates. Then you can start searching for a codes that you can apply inorder to beautify your site. There are lots of blogger tips in google. Im also using blogger, and just right now im done looking for pinterest codes i can apply. It takes time but when its done, the feeling is so great.

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