Web Page Broken


I have built a web site "www.alex-walling.co.uk " which displays OK on my PC- on IE8-screen resolution 1440 x 900. However, on a third party machine (two actually) the display is squeezed on the right hand side, pushing the page content to overflow the right hand side.
Any suggestions would be great.
Regards Monty.

validate your code. Its best not to use absolute positioning until you fully understand how it behaves. I would suggest visiting www.htmldog.com for some great lessons.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have already validated all my web pages, html and css, and they are OK. I’ve looked at the web site you mention which, although very good, doesn’t give me any more information than I already have. I’m pretty familiar with absolute positioning having used it several times before. What I am trying to establish is why my website displays perfectly OK on two machines with IE8, but is broken when viewed on two other machines also using IE8. If someone could guide me to some possible causes.
Regards M.

Your code is still not vaild.

Its breaking due to the fact that absolute positioning is being used improperly, as i stated above. I would recommend using floats and margins for page layout with very minimal use of AP.