Web designer learning track?

Hi ,
I been working with Photoshop and illustrator for past few years " printing & press " but lately it became very low paid and not enough to pay my monthly rent , so i searched around and every one is saying working in web design is bringing way better income than press and i don’t need to lean much as i already have very good skills in PS and Illustrator , my question here is :
What do i need to learn to became web designer what is essential and what is a plus ! . i been reading all around the internet many people saying different things it confused me greatly
Many thanks

Essentials would be HTML and CSS.
Pluses would be things like PHP, Javascript, SQL.
These days most of the layout and styling would be done with CSS, not PS or AI. Though you may still use them for creating visuals to base the design on, and for creating things like jpg, png and svg files.

As posted already, HTML and CSS are musts for you.

This list helped me when I was first starting out.

There’s also right here on Sitepoint through their Learnable courses and online books.

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