Web design, Wordpress, Google API's and stuff

Just wondering what you guys typically do when you need to enable an API for Google Maps or something on a client’s website… Do you start them a generic GMail account and create the project there? Do you use your personal GMail account? Or do you use a Google account that you created specifically for web designs? Curious. I have now done all three lol.

I don’t really want to be left in control of anything related to a client’s website once I hand it over (although I suggest to them that I should retain access if they think they will want my help in the future). This includes domain name, hosting, enabling APIs, etc. So I either use the client’s gmail account if they have one, or create one in their name (and with their full agreement to this). The same thing goes for setting up Google Analytics for them.


Yep, I get the client to sign up for their own Google account, then I can add services for them

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