Web Design/Developer groups in Maryland?

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Any groups or people in Maryland (USA?) I tried seeing if anyone went to a Baltimore Hackathon a month ago or so but noone apparently went (noone responded).

Hrmm, perhaps we can skype. hehe

I don’t have skype :frowning: . Well I do, on my phone…but I only have a chromebook.

And that’s a problem because…


If this is using Skype on the Web, the last time I used that it could best be described as “terrible” maybe prefixed by a few words that aren’t suitable for Sitepoint. :smiley:

What about Google Hangouts? Isn’t that like a chatroom or something? I’ve honestly never used it.


Also, Meetup.com



Yeah, it does. I’ve never used Skype on the web myself, but just wanted to throw it out there.

To be fair, it’s been a little bit since I’ve used it and it’s blocked at this computer. But it was so bad I can’t see it getting a whole lot better.

I could be wrong though.

Off Topic

.but I only have a chromebook.

Ohhh can we have a sidebar about this, or something? I’d love to know how that works for you - what SaaS / apps you use, etc. I’ve been toying with the idea of picking one up for awhile, but I don’t feel like I could get everything done that I need to… maybe that’s just an archaic notion. Anyway if you have any information on your workflow / apps that you use for… whatever, design, coding, images - I’d definitely be interested. I have a PC and a Macbook Air at the moment but the PC is dying the way of the dinosaur and the MBA may be leaving me soon. For work I have a separate setup not owned by me, but personally, I’ll be shopping soon maybe.

To be completely honest - don’t expect to be able to code anyhting on it. I use it purely for netflix/coding.

I use “coding” loosely. Whether it be reading code books, codecademy tutorials…I use it for sitepoint a lot. Debugging is fine (Chrome…)

It’s amazing how limited you are. IMO unless you FULLY EXPECT to never travel otuside of googles boundaries, then I wouldn’t recommend it.

Like right now I’m coding a framework. They have apps you can connect to google drive where you can code HTML/CSS and everything. So it’s not terrible. Just not ideal. You need to sit down and figure out what you’d use it for. For my purposes, it’s alright. Battery life is good (C720) and it’s not slow. Personally, I’d rather have a regular laptop. More freedom. Like right now, I have to either do my cross-browser testing at work, or if I need to do it on my chromebook, I need to use BrowserStack (work gives me a free account.)

Editey (they have CSS…HTML…etc) app on google is pretty good for my coding purposes on Google Drive…They have an app for Pixlr editor (images)…go to your google drive and check out all the apps you can connect. It’s decent. For coding stuff like Ruby (where you need an environment) I had to use cloud-based environment (c9.io).

I actually have my chromebook dual boot with Ubuntu…if you get a Chromebook with a lot of memory then just run Ubuntu and your life is golden! I got crap memory so my Ubuntu is limited. So as a result I use the ChromeOS…Does that answer all your questions?

I paid 179 US Dollars for my chromebook. It’s been worth the price I guess.

I think so, yeah. I’ll have to do some pondering on requirements.

I also may have to put up a fight over the MacBook Air and save myself a purchase for now. That’s only a year old, so that’d be optimal… and if I start using it on a regular basis for my only machine, I could decide whether to go to another OS or if I could work regularly with OSX :smiley:

Back on topic:

I’m in Ohio, USA. I’ve never been to any local networking events in my new locale, and in the old one there was far too low of a population to have any real IT/Web/etc groups of any real use, I’d assume.
If I stay here, I may look into it, though.

It’s annoying not being able to have the ability to open ANY files…

Zips? Nope. Txts? Nope.

There are some apps which can sorta open them but it’s just a pain.

This is interesting to know. I was wondering the pros and cons of getting one. A Chromebook, I mean.

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