wc3 vlaidator is crap?

So I am going through a couple of sites using the wc3 validator.

This validator appears to be a load of poodoo. It keeps telling me there are tags that are not closed but when i look through the code to line 187 (random example number used) the tag IS closed properly.
also it tells me things like ’ there is no attribute “charset”’ when charset is a perfectly normal thing that is used on every website i have ever viewed the source of.

can someone explain to me why this tool that is supposed to be so great always gives me bad information?

my sites are built with wordpress if that matters

Without being able to see your code and the errors, I don’t think anyone can help you one way or the other.

Though, I looked through your past posts and found americanindustrialinc.com/wp. Is this the site you’re trying to validate?

<script charset=“utf-8” type=“text/javascript”>var…

The validator is right. A charset on a script tag is only meaningful if you’re loading an external script. That’s not the case here.

…industries that include: <strong>aerospace, automotive production, food processing, government agencies, steel production, high-tech military equipment and many more industrial product manufacturing industries.<strong></p>

The validator is right. It looks like you meant to write a closing </strong> but instead you wrote an opening <strong>.

<p class=txt1">

And here you’re missing a quote.

I strongly suggest you look back through the validator’s errors under the assumption that the validator is right (because it probably is).

I’m not seeing my first reply.
The sites in question are http://explosionsuppressionsystems.com and http://firesuppressionsystems.com
also last week the validator kept telling me i had broken links on http://liveoutloudproductions.com and when i checked the links they were not broken

The charset attribute of the meta tag is new to HTML5, but your doctype is telling the validator to validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional. If you’re going to use HTML5 code, then you should use the HTML5 doctype.

I’m not seeing that error. Nor, to my knowledge, does the validator even check for broken links.

I’m not seeing that error. Nor, to my knowledge, does the validator even check for broken links.


If you have one closing tag missing (for example) the problem can appear to cascade down the page … so fixing one small error like that can remove a ton of errors appearing in the validator.

Validators are tools built to help authors find mistakes. If it points out something that doesn’t validate, but you knew what you were doing when you put that in there and know why the validator thinks it’s a mistake, then it’s still done its job properly.

Last time I put a page through the validator, I was using the new <main> element. The validator complained. As I expected. I ignored it and life went on.