Watch online stream throught wordpress by server ip, not my own


I want to watch a live TV stream through my own wordpress website.

When I use a VPN and directly connect to the streaming URL (.m3u8 file) everything is fine, but I can not always use a VPN .Unfortunately there is country IP restriction.

The point here is to make my own wordpress website [using a plugin or any other way] to load the m3u8 stream for us, by using the IP of the server on which it is installed… somehow using wordpress like a middleman/proxy… and not just loading the stream through my own IP.

How is this possible?

Asking “How do I circumvent the viewing restrictions of a streaming service” is at best shady, and more likely illegal.

Right and Wrong.

You’re Right because I need to bypass viewing restrictions.
You’re Wrong because bypassing viewing restrictions is not “illegal” in my case.

I need to channel an entire stream through a wordpress website… and I want that wordpress website to do the job for me, by using the IP address of the server on which wordpress is installed. I don’t want to connect directly to the stream with my own IP.

Oh, so the streaming service says in their terms of service “You may proxy your connection to bypass our geo-restrictions”? Please do point to where it says that, and I’ll be glad to help you.

When you realize that the TOS almost certainly say the exact opposite, then realize that it is “illegal in your case”, and…