Was I hit by google panda?

Still after 3 years I’m left wondering if Google Panda hit me.

Please look at the following graphs and tell me what you think?

In the graph below you can see I have very predictable patterns due to my site being education based. The first mountain in each set is fall, the slight dip is thanksgiving, the big dip is xmas and then it recovers for spring season. As you can see in the 2012 circled in red, there was a larger than normal dip for thanksgiving and xmas. Panda 22 hit on Nov 21st and there was an undisclosed update on the 17th. Neither dip exactly corresponds. What is most troubling is that the spring mountain doesn’t recover. Every other year it recovers. Even in 2014. It also has a big longer downward summer tail.

Any thoughts to help me out?

Hard to say without also knowing if there’s technical SEO at fault. I’ve been through what I thought were Panda updates when, really, the drop was caused by faulty redirects, links not visible without JS, on-site duplicate content issues, etc.

Do you keep notes on changes made to your site? Does anything coincide?

If not, yeah, it does look like a pretty classic Panda penalty, unfortunately.


Another thing to note with Google updates is that they roll out over a period of weeks. So not all websites will see the traffic exactly coincide with an update or release.


First of all you need to check that if made changes on website design or on page, then also traffic will decrease and also check any update launched in that week so that you will get an exact idea.

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One of my websites also facing the same issue. It happened on Nov 17th 2012, still the website is not recovered completely. It must be google panda. Because the keyword density was high for my website.

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