Want to sell Node.js app, how to secure my code

I have create a tradeapp which run with node.js express and metatrader plattform which is used by forex traders. This app help people to make around 5% profit per month with a easy hedge strategy and i want to try selling it to some people, to earn myself some money and trade with it, but i ask myself beside of how to make good marketing, how to secure the code, normaly i would need to send people all files as a folder and then they start with powershell the node server, but that would mean i need to give them all source codes files and they can copy it and send it everywhere and everybody can use it then for free and i dont earn anything from selling.

I am sure this is a thing where experienced node.js developer have a solution or?

Nodejs is a server side language. So normally it makes no sense to deploy it to people and they have to install their own server to run it.

Rent a server, install your app and sell accounts to the app… that’s it

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no thats not it, i dont want to code something like user accounts and then payment system to sell license, i want to sell the app like it is

Then you need to write it in a compiler language like c++. You cannot secure a script language. You can maximum minimize it but that doesn’t prevent it from being copied wherever you like.

why chatgpt is telling me you can create exe file from node js app

Chat GPT isn’t always right.

There is the pkg package that you could try, it says that it will precompile the code into bytecode so it’s not directly readable. With some effort, someone might still be able to reverse engineer it though.

I’ve never tried it so don’t know how well it works.

thats why i ask here i want to see if people have experience with that. chatgpt also told me this about pkg and also told me some tools which make the javascript not easy to read

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